Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ultimate College Experience

College Girls

College can be a tough time. It's a time where you have to go out and meet new friends, in a new city. You have the pressures of class and your parents expectations. To add the stress, you are out there trying to meet the girl of your dreams - or at least someone to have a good time with.

When in college, lots of the dynamics from high school can change. Its bigger, attitudes are different, exposure to different things are greater. When trying to meet girls you may find yourself asking questions like:

Where do I start?
What are the rules?
How do I approach?
What do I say to girls?
How do I get a girlfriend?
How do I get invited to the parties where all the girls are?

These are all legitimate questions.

Not only that, but once you find the girls and get them into a conversation, how do you get them attracted? How do you keep them interested? How to you keep them yours and not let all the other guys in college take them away?

Through structured development of your social circle, by developing yourself into an alpha male, by understanding the laws of attraction and female psychology you will be able to answer these questions. It will take time, it will take effort, but it is possible for anyone to become the king of college.

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